Spring 2013 Preaching Schedule

Lately, many people have asked about when and where I will be preaching.  Below is my (current) guest preaching/celebration schedule for the Spring 2013 semester.  If any of you are around in these areas, you are more than welcome to attend.  Peace and love!

Spring 2013 Guest Preaching/Celebration Schedule

February 3–Guest Lecturer, “Singing a Faithful Song–A History of Black Leadership in the Episcopal Church,” Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Metuchen, New Jersey

February 13 (Ash Wednesday: 12:00pm & 6:30pm)–Guest Preacher and Celebrant, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Alabama

February 24–Guest Preacher, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Montgomery, Alabama

February 26–Guest Preacher, Lenten Series, Trinity Episcopal Church, Demopolis, Alabama

March 3–Guest Preacher and Celebrant, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greensboro, Alabama

March 8–Guest Preacher, Lenten Preaching Series, Episcopal Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, Alabama

March 20–Guest Preacher, Wednesday Lenten Series, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Selma, Alabama

Published by Brandt Montgomery

I am a Priest and boarding school chaplain in the Episcopal Church (USA).

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